We answered your


Do I need a membership?

Nope, everyone is welcome. If you want to stay in the loop- join our mailing list!

What are your event cancellation policies?

You can find all our policies here. If you have any further questions,

get in touch!

Do you serve food?

Yep! Check out our menu here. Please note that occasionally we can not produce the full menu. Call ahead and ask if you have any enquiries!

Can I bring my dog
in with me?

Absolutely! We welcome well-behaved dogs and humans alike. We hope they like attention and a treat at the door!

Do I need a ticket for your Thursday live music?

No, you're welcome to just show on the night, but we can't guarantee you'll get a table. However, if you get a free ticket online, we'll put a table aside for you!

What's included in your Happy Hour?

You can grab ANY cocktail for just £5 between these hours:

Thursday: 6pm - 7pm

Friday: 5pm - 6pm

Saturday: 4pm -6 pm

Can't find what you're after? Ask us.

Thank you, we'll contact you shortly.